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Kitchen Design in Evansville: Our 3 Favorite Predictions from the 2022 Houzz Home Design Study

Keeping your home on trend can be dizzying. Let’s face it, the design possibilities are endless. Houzz, the home design social media platform, announced their predictions for new design trends coming in hot for 2022. These insights were pulled from the millions of posts and interactions happening every day on their platform. We love helping with kitchen design in Evansville and Owensboro, so we picked our three favorite predictions related to the kitchen to give you a head start in keeping your home in style.

several windows incorporated into kitchen design in Evansville

Windows, windows, windows

Innovative uses of storage continues to revolutionize some of the home’s most-used spaces, including the kitchen. With more storage being created with pantries, kitchen islands and lower cabinets, the available space left on the walls leaves homeowners wanting to add more windows. Considering time spent at home has drastically increased since the start of the pandemic, adding more natural light to a room makes it feel more comfortable. Plus, all that natural light makes for great social media photos and videos.

modern kitchen design in Evansville

All-white kitchens have a little competition

Hands down, all-white kitchens continue to be the most popular design style. However, there is another style making big strides in the popularity department. Houzz reports increasing use of mixed cabinet design, organic wood and gentle paint colors. In fact, we’re seeing this locally and have built several kitchen displays using the mixed cabinet design.

innovative storage solution incorporated into kitchen design in Evansville

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

More storage is a popular request when remodeling a space. With an increasing supply of creative storage solutions for the inside of cabinets, homeowners continue to incorporate dividers, pullouts and special shelving to store and access their stuff easier and more efficiently. The number of storage solutions available to homeowners is quite impressive including the cutting board drawer pictured above. Seriously, how cool is that?

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