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Four Tips for Achieving Healthy Home Design

Four Tips for Achieving Healthy Home Design

“That’s probably the number one thing people request…I want less to clean.”

This comes from one of our team members who interacts with residential contractors and homeowners all over the greater Evansville and Owensboro area. This desire to improve the cleanliness of a home from local residents matches the growing national trend in healthy home design.

What is healthy home design?

Healthy home design involves adding features that promote the occupants’ health and wellbeing. According to a recent study from the American Society of Interior Designers, homeowners are increasingly interested in improvements related to making spaces easier to maintain and clean and simplifying life at home. While this concept can be applied any room, the kitchen is a great place to start adopting this design approach. It’s one of the most used spaces in your home, and it serves many purposes throughout your day.

Making your kitchen more wellness-oriented isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Here are four design choices you can make whether you’re building a new home, planning a full kitchen remodel or making simple updates to your existing kitchen. Let’s dive in.

Quartz tops make cleaning a cinch.

Quartz tops are the kings and queens of the easy-to-clean category. This nonporous material doesn’t have any holes or cracks for liquids, spills or bacteria to collect. That means you can focus solely on cleaning the surface, which is as easy as using a cloth, soap and water. Even better, it does not require any sealant or wax coating, making your kitchen maintenance even easier. This highly durable material comes in a variety of styles, so you can achieve both functionality and beauty.

kitchen island with quartz countertop inside house in evansville

Quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain thanks to its nonporous surface.

Shaker Style cabinets simplify the cleaning process.

Cabinet doors enhance the functionality and design of your kitchen. The decorative options for your cabinets vary greatly. However, the more ornate a door style, the more complicated it is to clean. A Shaker Style cabinet design adds a classic, simple look to a kitchen. This popular style has a center panel with a raised rail frame around the edges. It comes with less cracks and crevices than more decorative options, making it much easier to clean.

modern kitchen in evansville with shaker style cabinets

In addition to being easy to clean, Shaker Style cabinets add a classic aesthetic to any kitchen.

Touchless faucets are more hygienic than manual options.

Faucet handles are hot spots for bacteria and germs. Typically, when you’re turning on your kitchen sink, you’re doing so to clean your hands. Touchless faucets turn on once the sensor detects your motion, eliminating the need to touch a handle with dirty hands. Have no fear about the faucet becoming useless when it loses power. These faucets come with a manual handle in case the sensor isn’t functioning properly.

Adding more natural light makes you feel good.

Increasing your use of natural light in any space makes the room feel more comfortable. The health benefits of natural light are plentiful including reducing eye strain, stimulating productivity and reducing stress levels and anxiety. For those proud plant moms out there, it also allows your house plants to thrive, which boosts your wellness too. When you can add more windows to your kitchen, it’s usually a no brainer. Seriously, who doesn’t love an over-the-sink window?

modern kitchen with new windows in evansville

New windows add natural light to a kitchen which makes the space more comfortable and benefits personal health.

Find help incorporating healthy design into your kitchen.

If you’re interested in a kitchen design focused on your health and wellness, we can help you find quartz countertops, Shaker Style cabinets and new windows. We can even install the windows for you. To speak directly with our product and design staff, contact us using the form below, call us at 812-477-6142 or visit us at 4619 Lincoln Avenue in Evansville.

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